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Website Maintenance Company in Ahmedabad

We at Gujarat Web Designing have experts who exactly know how customers want their websites to be maintained and how this should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep their website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen the SEO and Google rankings. Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking the website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. In order to engage and keep clients, companies of all sizes must have a well-maintained and beautiful website. Because website upkeep does not often exhibit immediate difficulties, it can easily become one of those things. However, just as one’s health might deteriorate if they go too long without seeing a doctor, the website's health can deteriorate as well.

Website Maintenance

SEO and Google Rankings

We at Gujarat Web Designing advise our customers to maintain their websites on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. On weekly basis, check that all of the pages are loaded correctly. Making a backup and ensuring that an older version of the site is saved, Update the software and plugins on the website. Make sure that all of the forms are working correctly. Spam comments have been removed from pages and posts. Look over the pages to check if any links are broken. Look for errors and correct or redirect them if necessary. Writing blog updates to keep the audience interested and to boost SEO traffic. On monthly basis, Checking the website's load speed and making sure nothing is slowing it down Examining the security checks to ensure nothing is missing, the previous month's website statistics, and finally looking over the site to see if any of the content could be updated.On quarterly basis, Checking the website's load speed and make sure nothing is slowing it down. Examining the security checks to ensure nothing is missing. Analysing the prior month's website statistics. Look over the blog to check if any articles need to be updated. Examining the website's design and structure to see whether it can be enhanced. If anything needs to be changed, checking the graphics and pictures. Examining website's SEO, meta titles, and descriptions to ensure that they are as effective as possible. Popups, forms, and calls to action will all be tested and tweaked. Assessing the workflow for efficiency and see what we can automate. To ensure that the website shows appropriately across all devices and browsers, evaluating it on a variety of devices and browsers. Every year, any references to the current year should be updated. Inspecting for content correctness, grammar, typos, and relevance on each page. Examining any active email addresses to determine if there are any that are excessive and may be eliminated. Make sure the website's domain name is up to date. Consider whether there is a need to improve the website's design. Examine all of company's best-performing blog posts to determine whether they can be updated with new material.